Sugar Cane Juicer Machine 

Sugarcane Juice is a very popular drink in many countries in South America and Southeast Asia. However in recent times, it is currently growing quickly in popularity in the United States and Australia as well. As Sugarcane Juice must be extracted from sugarcane stalks, a sugarcane juice extractor is required to crush the cane and release the juice within.

Each area of the world has their own special way to serve the Sugarcane Juice. Brazil likes to mix in pineapple juice, whilst India serves it with ginger, passionfruit or even mint. In South America and Cuba you will generally find a squeeze of lemon and lime.

We have customers that are now using the sugarcane juice as a natural sweetener to sweeten their smoothies and juices. Another group is serving it frozen as a slushie with a little lime juice mixed in. Sounds refreshing!

The versatility of the sugar cane juice allows it be used in a great number of ways. Of course, pure sugarcane juice is still an incredibly satisfying drink that is sure to please both you and your customers. To get started, don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss our range of sugarcane juice extractors!


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